Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hey, I'm blogging!

Okay, I've got this thing ready to go.....and I've sent out the email inviting those I care about to come on in and sit a spell......

You've got a couple of choices can just start reading my blog from this point forward, or you can grab a beer, or a cuppa, sit back and read all about our adventures in finding this old farmhouse.....

Some of what you'll find already here:

Mis-titled? Yesterday's musings about our trip to Charleston SC to see Daddy Mac after his heart surgery!

Back Story From the beginning....our marriage in 1982, the realization that both of us wanted to get out of subdivision living and back to our roots...some really old photos on this page. This one is really quite long....a link at the bottom will take you to my genealogy website where you'll find the end of the post.....(since I've yet to be able to do the html needed to have the ending post on the blog.....)

March 2004 - the first email I sent out to friends and family after we made the big move - another long one - again, the link at the bottom will take you to the ending!

April 2004 - second email - long

May 2004 - third email - long

June 2004 - this one's not an email...the one I originally wrote was never sent out - I was feeling the empty nest syndrome pretty this is just an overview of what was going on in our little world - long

A little something about one of my heroes....

1900 House One of the two houses we tried to buy before we were successful in buying this one.

Cracker House = Haunted House? Another of the houses we placed an offer on....we later learned it was haunted.

This is it......! The day we found our dream house!

Bye Bye Homeowners Association! We're heading to the country!

Salvaging some beadboard - Monday April 14 2008 - we found an old house being torn down and were able to salvage some of the materials - includes photographs of the lovely old house....!


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