Sunday, November 25, 2012

'Tis the Season....

It begins with finding inside homes for all the plants.

It was supposed to be different this year; there was supposed to be a completed Gazebo project.  That Gazebo would be the perfect place for all those potted plants to hide away from the harsh, bitter winds that sweep across our fields each winter.  The warmth from the Hot Tub and the half walls and the tin roof would protect them from the occasional freezing temperature.

Didn't finish that need to discuss how difficult it is to get Contractors out here in the country to do those things that we can't do ourselves; or how our timeline was stuffed before we got past the first task...

So, it begins with finding inside homes for all the plants.....before I can really get down to decorating for Christmas.  One would believe that having 30 odd windows in this house it would not be a difficult task to find temporary homes for those pots but one would be wrong.  This is a "treed in" house; the Cypress and Pecans grow close to the house to provide what little wind breaks we enjoy, along with shade from the harsh summer sun.  Even leafless trees in winter block most of the sunlight.  It basically comes down to one little room.  And therein lies the problem....

They won't all fit in that one little room. It simply can't be done.    So I walk the house trying to find a semi sunny window or two to place those extra pots that won't squeeze into the sunny mudroom.  And then find a home for all the stuff that normally resides on that table or desk or.....

Finally, when all that is done, I can get down to the Christmas Decorating.

I pull out the photos of last year thinking "I can just re-do what I did then and it will be easy as pie".  Until I remember that we've done a major project and moved all the furniture around.  Until I realize that I've more decorations than I had last year because folks have given them as gifts.  And before I know it, the whole house is upside down and I realize that, once again, the decorating will take me at least a week....

And so I say to myself, "next year, I'll....." !  And I repeat all the positives to myself, like how healthy it is to have plants inside during the shut in winter months.  And how wonderful the house will look when I finally get all the Christmas decorations tucked into all the greenery that now fills the rooms.

But what really makes me get down to the business of decorating this house are all the reasons I do it each year.  I do it to welcome in our guests who escape the town life to get a taste of the country life; I do it to tug at the memories of my grown up children when they come here to celebrate the day; most of all I do it to light the way for the Christ Child.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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