Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Day After~~

Did I mention that a relative had broken her toe? No? Well, one did - and so the first day of school was, for me, spent running errands for that beloved relative (who shall remain unnamed) with my niece~~ it topped off seven days of running around crazy trying to get it all done....! The rest of my day was spent responding to text messages from Dallas about college financing, dorm room assignments and the like and a conversation with a friend whose child is going through a difficult transition on top of beginning high school this year. And all through the long day, the back of my mind was on Hunter~ did he find all his classes? {Yes} Are any of last years friends in those classes? {for the most part, NO!} Did he know anyone in his lunch period {Yes}....and so on.

This morning I got to come straight home after dropping off Hunter; I got to have a cup of coffee in peace (after it took three tries to get the percolator to actually percolate!)...and then I dove into Hunter's room for its real new year cleaning....and boy was that fun! (Need I say more of a 14 year old's room?).

Am I still hearing a monologue in the back of my mind? Yes! Because today my youngest will not be through with school until 7:15 (marching band rehearsal).....its just a little bit different though from yesterday's....He found all his classes so that's okay; he'll make new friends and be okay; he'll have more than just that one friend at lunch soon and be okay.....and I trust that band director - so not seeing him until after dinner will be okay too......!

The new year is off and running - there will be some adjustment that I've been through before but am not really ready to go through again....those who've been through it know what I mean - that independent streak that's been making itself visible in my middle schooler is going to get bigger and more noticeable with every new day....!

My resolution? Embrace it, cherish it~~two have already flown the nest and survived it - this one will too....and so will I.

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  1. Found your blog thru a comment left on my blog a few minutes ago...if you get a chance stop by; I can relate! Your words are comforting. I know we all go thru this, but it doesn't lessen these feelings. ; }


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