Monday, July 21, 2008

The Pack

Watching the animals in our house interact is always a source of wonder and amusement.... Murphy is the alpha male while Roxie is the alpha female - they dance around each other offering and giving respect for the roles they each play....and then there is Moggie/Maugie (spelling varies from time to time - no real explanation - guess it depends on my mood!). Moggie is the little feral kitten that our daughter rescued three years ago....he makes a small bid for the alpha position on a regular basis but Murphy just ignores the little pest when he gets feisty.

But, then there is Roxie. Moggie stalks Roxie.....there is no other word for it - he hides around corners, behind trees, up in trees, under bushes - you name a good hiding place for a cat and he's used it to jump out at Roxie in an attempt to get her attention. She growls and hisses at him, making it very clear that he is beneath her notice.

But last night, the value of being in a pack was evident for Roxie. As I turned out the lights and locked up for the night, I heard the horrendous screeching of a cat ...horrible sound....and headed for the door. I wasn't sure if both our cats were in for the night but knew that something was up outside that needed to be checked....there had been a hawk in our pecan trees all day, watching David and I as we worked the gardens....I didn't think he would have tried to get a cat, but you never know. We also see a lot of fox this time of year.....

As I opened the front door, Moggie suddenly appeared at my feet and he shot out the door as soon as it was opened wide enough for him to get out of it...a low growl rumbled from his throat and vibrated through his body as he momentarily leaned against me until that door opened. He bolted out to the porch steps and provided a shield for Roxie as she came bounding up them heading for the safety of inside. Only after she was in the house did Moggie slowly and carefully make his own way back inside the door.

The two of them touched noses and edged their way further into the safety of the living room...ah, I thought, how cute. Before the thought had fully formed, Roxie growled, hissed and swept a paw at Moggie's face and then regally left the room. Moggie looked up at me as if to say "what's with her anyway?".....and then he crouched down, peeked around the wall and then tore off across the floor to harass her once again.

Off I went to bed, giggling softly as this particular dynamic of the pack...just like human siblings, these two pick on each other on a regular basis, but don't let anyone else try to do so! As I climbed the stairs I heard the patter of tiny cat feet, a hiss and a growl........


  1. Thanks~ I love living with all the animals - its better then t.v. a lot of the time.


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