Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Gardening

Our spring garden is finished and I'm mourning the fact that I'm once again buying tomatoes from either the major grocery chain or having to make a trip south to the farmers market (I actually love going to the farmer's market once I get out the door, into the car, and make the drive - its the leaving the house I don't like....I love nothing more then a full day staying at home).

David and I headed into town this week to see if we could get some of those heat resistant tomato plants that my cousin's wife, Tammy, had planted up in SC. The local nursery didn't have the first veggie or herb available - not even a pack of seeds. Home Depot had quite a few basil and thyme pots available and even those heat resistant hybrid tomato plants...but nary another summer growing veggie was in sight. Either Floridians don't grow summer gardens or those who do use their own seeds to do so cuz we certainly didn't find any plants, seeds, or even a nursery that stocked the summer growers.

Since I'm rather new to this "all season" gardening thing (other then having containers of tomatoes, peppers and squash in my old home, I've never done much of the veggie gardening thing), I was a bit surprised to find such a void of summer veggies for home gardening. On my list of things to do this weekend is a search of online nurseries to see if I need to order these lovelies instead of just driving to town to purchase them.

In the meantime, David and I are going to build a raised bed just outside the back yard fence - not only is this closer to the house which should encourage me to be a more vigilant gardener, weeder etc....but it is the only spot that gets more than a few hours of good sunlight. I guess this summer the only thing we'll plant are those heat resistant tomatoes.....

By the time Fall rolls into being, the bed(s) should be ready for some experimentation in fall veggies and maybe even some sugar snap beans this winter....and who knows, maybe I'll even learn how to use my own seeds so that in the future, I'm not dependant on retailers to plant my gardens....

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