Friday, August 1, 2008

Haint's Revisited~~

Is my house haunted? Does the haint blue painted bead board of our front porch ceiling do the job of keeping the spirits away? My twelve year old swears that it is amount of persuasive discussion can convince him that the creaks and groans he sometimes hears at night are just the old bones of this place breathing in the changing air temperature..............

Our daughter Nikki is a sensitive as is my brother Kirk. Kirk has actually experienced a haunting of his own while living in an apartment in New York City during the early years of his band (Seven Nations). Both of these lovely folks have assured Hunter that they sense nothing here in our home.....yet he remains unconvinced, taking Murphy and Callie up to bed with him each night.

And Kirk didn't help matters this past Sunday afternoon as we all visited Mom....he related a story of a gig in a building built in the late 1700's or early 1800's. The band members were all a bit spooked and he tried to assure them that the place wasn't haunted.....telling them that he would know and they knew he would tell them if he felt anything.

He says that just as he finished speaking, an item fell from the mantle or shelve behind him.......hmmmmm...this is the guy who assured me he didn't think MY home was haunted?

We viewed a few old houses during our search for this one that I would place money on the odds of haints abounding in and around them....but this one? Well, I'll say that if it is haunted, its haunted by the spirits of the former residents who rejoice in the laughter that rings inside these walls...the laughter of little Ava and Hunter or of Nikki when she can get Dallas to laugh the belly laugh he's had since infancy - the two of them set each other off and soon we all are laughing at each other with tears rolling down our, as I say, our ghosts if they exist here are happy, benevolent ones.

Now, if I can just get Hunter to forget Sunday's conversation with his Uncle Kirk..............

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