Thursday, September 18, 2008

Did I say I was finished?

I must have been a bit confused because when I finally quit procrastinating and got back up there, I realized that I had forgotten about the bureau needed a second (and now maybe a third) coat.....

You may remember that despite cutting the formula 50%, the game room paint is not significantly different from the bedroom....and that I was a bit concerned about it because of low ceilings and very little architectural detail in that particular room. Because of that concern, I decided to paint one bureau in a light color and do the drawer fronts of the workbench/desk in that same lighter color....just to provide some relief from dark furniture, dark trim and dark walls.

Anyway, after I pushed all the furniture back, re-loaded the drawers and shelves, re-hung the sheers and posters, I stood back to look at the finished product.....and.... saw the bureau and the drawer fronts and .....went back downstairs to get the paint can and the paint brush and the newspaper and got back to work.

As I left the room to clean up (again) I then saw the bedside table that Nikki had picked up at the flea market for Hunter's room last Saturday (that I completely forgot about!). This table will replace the old end table that he currently uses for his lamp, clock and books.....(yea!). But it needs a thorough cleaning.......

Today's plans include finishing up those last few details and then hopefully getting some photos taken.....

and then....I get to go shopping for the bathroom paint.......and start painting all over again....lucky me!


  1. Yes, I believe some photos are in order. Sounds really nice. Tell Dave that paintbrush won't bite... hahaha. I'm sure he's been helping, right??

  2. Check out "I should be painting" I added some photos there.....and David does do some painting, but mainly he does the other yucky! But, he's the one who taught me to paint properly.....years ago, he would not let me even touch a brush...we've come a long way.


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