Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love Hate Relationships....

Yesterday's post about the vent in the kitchen and the past five years of aggro because of it got me thinking. As I went about my afternoon (canning green tomato chutney - yum!) I started thinking about the things I loved about my kitchen and the things I hate about my that vent! And that led me to thinking about other love/hate relationships I have....

like...the beautiful cake stand I got for my birthday last year from Nikki. I love its simplicity and its usefulness. But....I hate how the icing makes its way out under the edges of the lid to cause it to stick and then how hard it is to get it all off when the time comes to clean it. (I thought about that partially because I was cleaning it up from the remains of Nikki and David's birthday cakes!)

And then as I cleaned that kitchen for the - oh I don't know - maybe tenth time yesterday, I thought about how I love the men in my life but hate, hate, hate the fact that they are messy...I think it may be genetic...I mean take the fact that all three of them know that there is no garbage disposal in this house, yet not one of them can seem to scrape their plates into the garbage can that they must pass on the way to the sink! No matter how many times I hand those plates back to them with a reminder, it still seems that I scrape plates and bowls all day long.

Or how about that little magnet on my dishwasher that says CLEAN if you turn it up one way and DIRTY if you turn it the other way. I love how turning that thing makes me feel hopeful that the folks who live here with me will see it and load their dirties into that dishwasher with the DIRTY sign up (after scraping their dishes into the garbage can they just passed!) or maybe even that one of them will see that it is clean and empty it without being asked. And I hate the disappointment I feel when once again....I have to hand that dirty plate with bits of meat or cheese or bread or whatever to them and ask them to scrape it, rinse it and then load it.

Life is full of these love/hate relationships.....I'm just writing to remind myself that in the end, its all irrelevant....because I love these guys of mine (and my girl) and they are what makes me get up in the morning!

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