Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Inspired with confidence~~NOT!

I sent an email to my representative. I wrote of my concerns regarding the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and its probable affects on the cottage industries (handmade toys and clothing), second hand stores and our landfills.

I never once mentioned any concern "over the failure of some manufacturers to meet the February 10th deadline for compliance with the CPSIA" that my representative assured me he "shared".

I wrote of the cost of $4000 per item that our cottage industries and thrift stores and charities were going to incur as a result of this law or be forced to stop their sales of untested products by the February 10th deadline. I wrote of the affect this law will have on those who rely on second hand clothing purchases or the charities to clothe their children. I wrote of my concern for where all these untested second hand products were going after it became illegal to sell them and by some accounts, even to give them away! I wrote of how our own government was punishing American small businesses and their consumers for the acts of the Chinese government in not testing their exports for lead.

But my representative didn't address any of that at all. Yep, I'm inspired with a lack of confidence that our government really hears us....or cares about "main street" at all.

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