Monday, March 23, 2009

There's no place like home~~

It's nice to get away; it's wonderful to spend a day with old friends; it's awesome to remember just how much fun we used to have with those with whom we spent our college days .....but it is wonderful to come back to my husband, my youngest kiddo, my fur kids and my front porch (not that I've gotten to sit on it yet due to the rain we've had today).

My stomach muscles hurt today ~ that's a result of the laughter that I indulged in over this past weekend. My cheeks are a bit tender because of all the smiling that took place when outright laughter would have been inappropriate. And my eyes are still apt to fill up with tears when I think of seeing my son perform on Saturday night.....and though I left him behind when his sister and I drove south yesterday, I'm very glad to be back at my computer organizing my thoughts about the last few days.

I could hardly stand the building excitement last week as the days rolled on and the day I would leave to see all my friends drew closer, but by 6:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, my heart was already yearning to be in the place where I could hug my husband and give Hunter his goodnight kiss and tell the dogs to leave me alone for a minute or two. I even missed that darn rabbit that seems to be going to live forever.....

Yes, its nice to get away....but there is no place like home~~

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