Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fencing, Chickens, Snakes, and Gardening, ~~~

Time for a project update~~

The fencing is almost completed ~ we took a day off from coops and fences and yard work on Saturday to do a bit of playing, but Sunday and Monday found us out there getting it done...the wire will go up this week in the evenings and hopefully the gates will be made and installed by Friday. The dogs see the fence going up and think they can already go out to play....we have to keep the screen door latched or out they go where before they didn't dare it.....I'm looking forward to lazing away on the porch swing without worry for the dogs~~and grass in the back yard again~

The chicken coop is almost 100% complete - its completely wired in for the safety of the chicks but the coop doors have not been fully installed - that will also be accomplished over the next few evenings; the rabbit spent the night out there last night-he let it be known he had no interest in coming in the house - unlike the chickens~~who it appears may be a bit spoiled. We've been leaving them out later each evening and as I go out to get them, I am greeted by five voices chirping at the top of their lungs. Last night, we left them until almost full dark - until the level of their chirping had reached the point that I could hear them from the kitchen. They were so anxious to come in that we didn't even make it into the pen to get them; we sat the crate just outside the door and they ran into it as fast as they could......I didn't tell them that they'll be banished out there in a day or two~~

A rat snake took up residence in the hutch/coop and had to be escorted out (hopefully) by firecrackers! While David and I began the initial installation of the hardware clothe, we noticed the new tenant and hoped that all the activity around him would cause him to leave. Over the next three days, he shared the pen and coop with the rabbit and the chicks~ it looked as though he'd decided to stay on despite the co-op living arrangement. This of course would never do.....he'd eat those future eggs quick as they were laid. So, David and Hunter spent a pleasant hour on Friday night setting off little firecrackers inside the pen....if he's not gone now, he's trapped inside the new ceiling of the coop.....we'll know soon.

Gardening.....our raised box gardens are doing well....the greens are harvest ready and have been feeding the chickens and the rabbits....the cilantro and spinach are almost ready and the tomatoes are growing rapidly.....! I am learning new things about growing these veggies as I go and learning about organic means of pest control as well. Its a bit daunting, but when we begin to eat the harvest it will be well worth it.

Since I know that a lot of house bloggers grow gardens or buy from the local farmers markets, I'd like to mention that I will be posting about a new piece of legislation that may require some letter writing and phone calling to make certain that home gardens and road side stands are not harmed by the bill. The blog post is not out yet, but will be in a day or so...please check the link at your left if you are interested in this.....in the meantime, if you'd like to research it on your own it is The Food Safety Modernization Act, HR 875

Have a great day!

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