Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break~~

It's the little man's spring break...which means that I get to sleep in a bit and not drive him to and from school everyday! Which makes it a good time for me :)

H has had a pretty good spring break as well....Friday he got to spend the night at a new friend's house (small world-we found out that his dad works at the same company as my David). And Saturday, that friend had a birthday party at the local amusement park.....

Where they got to ride go carts to their heart's content....

Then, on Wednesday, H had finally worked hard enough and long enough to earn the money needed for his XBox 360 so off to the store we went to bring that reward home for him.....and yesterday, my "step-son" D came to spend the night....pretty good school break I'd say. (D isn't really my step-son, he just spent so much time here that folks began to say that about him~~).

And next comes Resurrection Day (commonly known as Easter) with family coming for dinner and back yard egg hunts......pretty good week....

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