Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's been two weeks since I last blogged; it may be the longest I've gone without writing at least a little something about our life in this old farmhouse.....and the only excuse I have is that I've been a bit busy 'round here....

Usually, January was the big month for genealogy....a little bit of cold weather keeping folks inside with a cup of hot chocolate and their puter or maybe lot's of folks getting on line for the first time and suddenly realizing the wealth of genealogical information to be found on the internet. Nowadays though, you rarely meet anyone who hasn't been on line for a year or two at least, so I wasn't too surprised that this past January was a bit slower then previous January's for genealogical inquiries. But, boy, are folks making up for lost time. Some of it may have been the launch of the new website, all I know is that I've been spending a whole lot of time corresponding with folks about research. Which, other than this old farmhouse, is of course, one of my other passions.

And then there's the MacLeod DNA Project....we've had a whole lot of new participation and that means a whole lot of figuring out where those new folks fit, helping them to understand their results and a whole lot of emailing going on. And that's not even getting into the fact that this is a science that is changing all the time and that requires me to spend a great deal of time keeping up with all the changes.

And, I've got chickens and doggies and kitties and children and a husband...and its the end of the school year with lots of activities.....and a newly finished fence crying out for landscaping to set it off just right....and a whole lot of bubs that need to be transplanted.....

Anyway, we're all here...we're all well....there's just been a whole lot of busy going on.

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  1. I know how that goes. We have a visitor coming on Tuesday for 5 days and every time I get something cleaned or fixed up, the kids redecorate for me. Ah well... :)


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