Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sad news....3 of the baby chicks lost yesterday~

We have been initiated into the hard part of chicken care~deciding to humanely put down deformed or suffering chickens. Our two crooked beaks were obviously not getting enough nutrition; each day saw them weaker and weaker despite holding them in our laps to feed them mash. Each evening saw that their beaks were a little more crooked and the hard decision was made. After one last meal and a snuggle, the deed was done.

Yesterday morning, I noticed that one of the littlest of the chicks was lethargic...she was being stepped on and jostled by all the others, so we removed her to another crate and gave her a bowl of mash and fresh water. After several hours, she still had not eaten or taken any water. I held her to see if I could force feed her - no luck. Same with the water. Nikki brought out the stethoscope and checked her heart rate~ it was very fast and irregular. Suddenly she threw her head back and gasped for air....she was gone a few minutes later having lived a few days short of 4 weeks.

From 13 babies to 10 in a few hours; such is the life of one who has chickens. A sad day.

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