Saturday, January 23, 2010

Project Time~~

It's coming. I'm not certain I'm ready for it. But Dave's already talking about this springs projects and he's begun making his lists. I've begged for a bit more time and he's reluctantly agreed but I can see that I'll be lucky to get four weeks of rest before he's ready to begin.

It used to be that I was the one chomping at the bit to get started but that was back in the beginning of our time in this old farmhouse....back when the floors were either covered in horribly damaged lino or carpets that were way beyond their lifespan. We've since uncovered all of the wood flooring or put down new flooring where necessary in the main living areas of the house. And with the exception of our kitchen, I'm pretty much content with where we are at in our reno....not permanently content, but temporarily content.

The state of the floors when we moved into the house in 2004.

If David was ready to do our kitchen, then I'd be right there with him. I'm constantly saying to anyone who cares to listen that it is NOT a cook's kitchen. It's not even a good kitchen for those who don't do much cooking but still have to have cupboards full of food and bake stuff and staples. Usually the family hears my mumbled complaints after groceries have been brought into the house....the cabinets are too shallow and not tall enough - regular sized dinner plates don't fit well, tall bottles of Olive Oil or bags of bread flour have to be laid or leaned to fit. I'm not sure where the P.O's got these cabinets but they're NOT standard cabinets. If you walked in and just looked at my kitchen you would think that all is well and I've got lots of storage space...but you would be I was until I began to move in our kitchen things. Counter space is also deceiving...we've already extended the counter space once and I still need more....I'm so ready to redo the kitchen...but, we can't do the kitchen yet for a variety of reasons.

Although there were no major issues with this 100 year old house when we moved in, there were issues that needed to be addressed - things that aren't visible to the naked eye. As we tackled each of these jobs, we also designed the room where the work took place. This next job is one that's been on the "list" since we moved in but it, like the kitchen, was way down at the bottom - until last year that is.

It's not even going to be a huge job - my office resides in what was once the front porch of this house; you enter it either from what was originally an exterior door to the kitchen or from what used to be the exterior door to the living room (a french door now separates it from the living room).

This photo was taken before we moved in - look how young Hunter was - sorry -
I'm using it to give an idea of the doors - looking through the office, you can
see the door into the living room

A wall of windows now exists on the exterior wall that was put up in the 80's. You step up from the office into both those rooms because the flooring in there is still the sub floor of that original front porch (the ceiling is the original bead board of the front porch). The project includes putting in a layer of insulation and then real wood flooring over the sub floor. We'll also be going into the interior wall to handle some minor electrical issues that we learned about during the insulating of the attic last year (when suddenly my ceiling fan quit working~) ... but I'm just not ready to empty out that room and find temporary homes for two large and one small bookcases, a large roll top desk and three chairs.....My little office that looks out over the fields and where the Camellia's are in bloom right now...the room where I write this blog, read my books and's bright and its sunny and it helps me get through the winters. And I will feel the loss of using it daily.....

Looking into the office today (from the living room)

It's been a pretty rough year for us both emotionally and financially; our sanity has been saved to a large degree by the peace that we find both inside and outside this old farmhouse. Four more weeks of that peace isn't too much to it?

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