Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18 2010 - where'd the time go?

So, I've done it again - I've been away from blogging for almost 2 full months. Its not that I didn't have anything to say - its just that I couldn't seem to make the time to sit down and put it down. After the coldest, longest winter in my history here in Florida, we've finally begun to have warm afternoons - warm enough for us to get outside and reclaim our land from the ravages of that winter. And, because of the warmth and the sunshine and the amount of work it took to do that reclaiming - our Harry Potter Cupboard Under the Stairs project hasn't progressed very far at all - neither of us could see working indoors when we could be outdoors.............planting our veggie gardens, adding honeysuckle and confederate jasmine to our fences, pressure washing the weather beaten house, shed, gazebo etc.....taking a bit of time to head to the beaches, the farmers markets that are back in full swing.....or just sit on our front porch taking in the azaleas and amaryllis in full bloom surrounded by the snow bells that bloomed later and lasted longer then usual.....

I took photos of the start of the project - but never took the time to upload them - until this morning -

The Harry Potter Cupboard Under the Stairs....

Align CenterThe interior of the door is the only door in the house that hasn't ever been painted -

Going in to take down the remaining plaster

Over the past 6 years - plaster has periodically fallen on its own -

David opened up this part for additional storage

The original flooring

This kept distracting us from getting on with the job

and this too....

Taking over after seeing David's note - pressure washing goes much faster
when you take turns...the love note didn't hurt either.

And then there's the added distraction of hanging with the chickens....since getting our flock down to one rooster and 8 hens - the hens like to hang with us when we're outside while Little Roo (so named because he was the low man on the totem poll in the beginning....not anymore though) hovers around the perimeters of the scene.....

See this handsome gal? She or one of her sisters gives us this....

Look at the size of that egg..........

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