Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy New Years Eve~~

No I haven't turned over the wrong page in a Day Calendar and no, you haven't misread the title - I said it, Happy New Years least in my little world.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for both our boys; Dallas took off just a little over an hour ago for his last semester of college (maybe - it might take two) before he finally gets that Bachelors Degree and Hunter starts High School tomorrow. And for me, that means my New Years Day celebration is tomorrow.

I've never been much on the traditional New Year celebrations - now I AM talking about the one that falls on the first day of the calendar year! Nor have I had much use for New Years Eve celebrations. Growing up an Air Force Brat usually stationed far away from family and with parents who did most of their socializing in our Church, New Years Eve was a night of staying at home, eating something a little special, and well, going to bed near our usual bed time. I have not one memory of our actually doing anything on the Eve or even on the Day...until my senior year in high school (when my best friend convinced me to go out with her to Big Daddy's - a disco - gag - and I was so bored that as everyone else cheered the clock's ticking, I popped folks balloons with my cig ~~).

After college and meeting David, I did spend a few New Years Eves out and about and a few New Years Days doing something "special" but as the children arrived - as we took parenting on as our most important task in life - we spent those holidays in our own home - sometimes with friends and sometimes not. Mostly, I just took down the Christmas Decorations.

My memories of the real new year always are tied up with that first day of school beginning with my own childhood and then seamlessly, with my own children. New clothes, new papers, pencils, pens and folders; new teachers and new friends and more times than I was always comfortable in my own childhood - a new school and new friends. Getting back to a schedule and a routine; reinventing myself if I felt the need or the budding of a new interest and yes, making those "new year" resolutions.

So, as I gather up the energy this morning (after a week of sorting, locating and packing up Dallas in between the shopping trips, car registration trips and birthday celebrations) to venture up and clean the room that Dallas spent the summer in, I wish you all a Happy New Years Eve............

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