Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting used to the silence~~

This morning I had a bit of that old vertigo. As I slowly sat up, I remembered the last attack about two years ago....and that made me remember Murphy. On that morning, I sat up in bed only to fall completely sideways. Murphy, sensing something was not quite right, got up onto the bed and laid closely beside me until I could sit up; then he walked beside me where I could place my hand on his head to "center" myself. This morning, the attack was not quite so bad as to have me falling sideways; this morning, there was no Murphy there.

Two weeks ago, this would have brought tears to my eyes. This morning, I was actually able to think about my Murphy - picture him in my minds eye - without having to push the thought hurriedly away to avoid wrenching sadness. Its the same with our Indie. I can now almost actually look at a photo of the two of them without wanting to cry my eyes out. Now, I can sit for a moment and remember. I'm getting used to the silence. I'm getting used to having only two dogs gathered at my feet.

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