Friday, June 28, 2013

What's been happening at the 1909 Farmhouse?

I just realized I haven't posted since November 2012.  And there was a long time between the previous post and that one....which means that it is way past time for an update.  So here goes....

Things look a bit different here now; there are 2 fewer trees, a lot less dappled sunlight and a lot more sun.... and no more barn.

Things that were housed in our sheds or in the Farmer's barn are now stored inside either the house or in a locked dog pen covered with tarps.

There is a new Well House being built and our Outdoor Shower is being enlarged and roofing and screening are going to be added to it.  Both buildings will allow for some temporary storage of what doesn't fit in the dog pen.

Why all the changes?

Because on May 4th at 9:00 p.m., we were hit by a tornado!  In Florida.  Either an F0 or F1 depending on who you speak to.  Either way, that tornado did a lot of damage in our little community.  Three barns, including the one next to our house, came down.  Our Farmer across the street owned two of those barns, both of them 100 plus years old.

The barn and a tree came down on our sheds and our chicken coop.  Another tree came down on our Well House destroying the water system.  One of our remaining 11 Pecan trees was topped and all of them plus the Cypress trees were damaged.

The Farmhouse?  Minor damage compared to the destruction that stopped just beside it.  A new bathroom roof and some new roof sections on the main structure; a bit of wall damage inside and a couple of blown away screens.

It looked like a war zone here.  And we had our daughter's wedding on the property 13 days later!  I'll be telling our story over the next few days...but here are a few photos to get it going.....

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