Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"After we rebuild"

When we moved here a little over 9 years ago, we planned on putting up a barn/garage.  It would have been built beside the old barn that bordered our property.

After a few weeks of settling in, David and I took our first good look at that old barn.  We realized that it was infested with termites as was the wooden shed that was on our property and which we soon tore down and burned.  

Speaking with the Farmer across the street, we learned the history of that building; a history which included the fact that after Hurricane Dora tore through here years ago, the farmers had taken three tractors and "pulled that barn right back up".  It quickly became clear that putting a lot of money into a new barn/garage would not be wise. We'd need that old barn tented for termites and structurally inspected to ensure that it wouldn't affect our building.  Obviously that wasn't going to happen. 

Over the years we had discussed buying back for our property some of that which had been sold to our Farmer.  

Various things always seemed to get in the way of that being done.  Had we succeeded, we would have put up our own barn/garage in a different area of the property.  

So we made do....

The tornado destroyed not only that old barn, but all of our outbuildings as well.  

While the Farmer's son says they'll rebuild their barn, I doubt that that will actually happen.  They don't actively farm any longer; they lease their fields to other farmers who grow potatoes for Frito Lay.   Regardless of whether they will ever rebuild a barn, we will now be building our own barn/garage....finally. 

We'll haul away the destroyed metal shed and haul away the destroyed slab once the barn is completely off of them. 

Then a new slab will be poured and the barn/garage will be built. It will be able to house not only our camper and two vehicles but also provide a work room and storage room.  

We plan on having a covered porch extending out towards the front of our yard for not only working on projects under cover but in the open air, but also to protect sound systems and open bars for any future large gatherings we have here.  (The plan is to never again have to answer "no" to the question "do you have a back up plan in case of rain?" : ) 

We'll also now be able to recover some "yard" that is currently being used as our parking area.  A new chicken coop will most likely be built there with a covered area for the chickens to safely hunt and gather during those times that they have to be penned for a few days. 

We've been able to salvage the metal roofing from the wooden shed to use on the new Well House. It is under construction as I write this.  David designed it to be a mini version of the gazebo.  It's "footprint" will be larger than the old well house so that working on the system will be easier in the future as well as providing us a temporary place for storing our garden tools (rakes, shovels etc.) until the new barn/garage is built.  

"After we rebuild", this place will look a whole lot different.  I mourn what we lost...two beautiful old trees and that historic 100 plus year old barn.  The charming view we've grown used to is no longer there.  I no longer can gaze out the kitchen window at that barn and I wonder as I stare at the destruction whether I'll ever love the "new" view that will eventually be seen. 

The place will have a new charm since we'll be using wood salvaged from the old barn that the farmer is selling us and will be built to look "old".  But it won't have the same roof line because of how it will have to positioned to fit our property boundaries.  And it won't have the story that that 
old barn had...it won't be filled with "Made by McCoy" pottery that was put there who knows how many years ago; it won't house an antique tractor or tricycles more than 40 or 50 years old. 

"After we rebuild" is a phrase that is getting old about now.  Its taken much longer than anticipated for the farmer's son to remove the barn debris.  There is so much that we can't do until that is a completed job.  I am tired of looking at the chaos that still exists over there.  But, I also know that he is facing the same obstacles that we are...Florida heat and afternoon thunderstorms; the flies and gnats and other biting insects that we deal with during the summer months; not to mention all the responsibilities of caring for his elderly parents at their home and maintaining his own place in a nearby town.

David and I have resurrected an old childhood habit that I learned growing up in a Baptist home...

"Count your blessings, name them one by one.  Count your many blessings, see what God has done!".....  

More about that tomorrow.....

What the barn looks like today....that is our Moggie sitting up on the destroyed roof line!

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