Monday, July 8, 2013

Still relatively sane~

Facebook Post Thursday May 9th (me) - 8:30 a.m. Update - Still relatively sane, check. House foundation, interior walls and metal roof inspected and found safe with minimal damage (a miracle) - Check. Water treatment system installed and running - check. Metal roofing out of tree tops - check. Hangers out of tree tops (dangling limbs) - check. Contents Loss List under way - Check. Wedding playlist within 30 musical minutes of being completed - check. Today's agenda - clean up the limbs and metal that were in the tree tops and are now on the ground. Confirm all the wedding deliveries. Get the John Deere out of the rubble and to the shop for an estimate. Replace all the food lost in the power outage and stop eating take-out every night. And once that wedding music as loud as possible....

Although our power had been back on since Sunday evening (May 5th) there were still lines down across our driveway on Thursday.  The power company said they belonged to the phone company; we'd flagged them down and told them about them on Sunday..and on Monday...and on Tuesday and again on Wednesday as they continued to drive through our community making repairs.  I had called the phone company on Monday; today I would call them again. Finally, they'd send someone out to get it seen to...or so I thought.  

Only issue was that when the phone company arrived, it wasn't our phone line.  It was the Satellite line.  Another call to that provider and another five days would pass with contractors driving over that line. It was a blessing that we never lost T.V. service despite the wear and tear on that line for 9 days after the storm.

We were also expecting a visit from the power company.  My Tree Lads had told us they didn't feel comfortable getting up into the trees that run the driveway beside the power lines so I placed a call to the power company to have a "specialist" come out to arrange to have the limbs cut back far enough that the men could get up in those trees.  This wasn't the first time we'd placed a call like that with no luck in getting the trees cut back; I hoped that with the damage we had sustained that this time a supervisor would approve the work. 

When we arrived home from yet another trip to Home Depot and a quick run to the grocery store, friends were already at the house with a chainsaw and wheelbarrow picking up metal roofing and the limbs cut down the night before.  David got right to work with them while I headed in to put away groceries and make several more phone calls to various contractors, speak to insurance adjusters, and work a bit more on the contents loss list before joining them.  

After a few hours of picking up debris, we got to work on getting the John Deere out of the shed.

Facebook Post Thursday May 9th (me3:00 p.m. So! I think my calmness may be a bit frazzled...David just saved a Contractor from a tongue lashing from me! Some prayers might just do me some good (and protect a few folks from an overworked and overstressed Mama!).

The power company "specialist" came by and said "oh, those limbs are far enough away from the power lines, you don't need us to cut any back".  Luckily for him, he said it to David.  I'd been this route with these folks before when we couldn't get anyone to cut back the limbs from those trees. Lessless than a month after the last "specialist" said we were fine, a huge limb had fallen into the power lines and hung swinging outside my office window for hours until they finally came to take care of it.

David came over and told me that yet again, this so called expert was denying what two tree companies had said was true.  And yet again, despite the fact that a tornado had ripped through our property and there were "widow makers" hanging from the driveway trees,  here we were getting the same story all the while no one was willing to get up into those trees to get rid of those hangers UNTIL the power company cut the limbs back from the lines.


I started at a near run down the driveway to chase the truck as it was backing out; David caught up with me and said "Lori, wait.  This is a battle we'll fight later; take some photos and get the tree guys to put it in writing that they won't cut the limbs or get the hangers until the power company does its job".  Reluctantly, I agreed.  I knew that it would not be in either mine or the power guy's best interests for me to get into it right then.  My calmness was frazzled.

Despite the frustration with the power company, the yard was picked up after the tree lads work the night before; the John Deere was at the shop; my freezer was filled again, and the pecan tree that had lain for days across our back yard and on our back fence was just a wee bit smaller ....and I'd made it through the day without verbally taking anyone's head off .


8 days till the Wedding!

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