Saturday, July 6, 2013

We've got this....

Facebook Post May 8th (me): Moving forward....Hair done did, check. Shoes for wedding, check. Insurance claims moving forward, check! More clean up done, check. A long but productive day yesterday....Today's agenda....House inspected for hidden damage; Remaining trees removed from structures by professional. Well system finished up...guard the place against potential looters.....and keep sane by playing the Reception dance music at the highest volume possible.....


Our refrigerator door was covered in lists; one for what needed to be done immediately (water system fixed, hangers out of trees, trees off of fences, fences repaired, driveways cleared), one for the normal wedding tasks (get fitted for tuxedos, buy shoes, get hair done, check on tables and chairs and sound systems, finish the play list, update the caterer on RSVP's);  one that detailed all the things that I needed to do for the four insurance claims we had going; one of outside cleanup things that I could do myself, one of things that David had to do, and one for Hunter to work on.  

Hunter's list hung beside another one that had all the dates and times of everything going on in his life as the school year ended... exam schedule, banquet and concert schedules, SAT and ACT testing schedules etc.  Since he doesn't have his license yet, my Mom stepped in when needed and drove him where he needed to be.  (Thanks, Mom...can't tell you what that meant to us!)

Those lists were probably what helped us get it all done and ready for the 100 plus guests we had coming.  Every day we'd scratch something off that we'd gotten done.  When folks showed up to help us and ask "how can we help?" I'd point to the lists and say there you go and hand them a pen to scratch off what they'd done for us!  On Monday, I had learned the real meaning of a commonly heard phrase.  From Sunday onwards, through the process of cleaning up and making the place safe for the wedding, I also learned just who and what a real friend is!


Monday May 6th - Nikki and J.C. arrived after lunch to help us continue to clear away what we could do safely.  David had made a path into the shed so that we could access at least some of our things.  He'd also cut away more of the pecan tree so that we could attempt to fix the back fence so that we could at least shut the gate.  And he cut away more of the holly tree to access the water system.

The water guys arrived around 2 p.m. and using a tow chain pulled what remained of the holly tree back up into its water filled hole so they could get to work.  They were able to get the pump working and bypass the destroyed water treatment system so that while we didn't have really good tasting water, we did have water running. 

Before they left, our insurance adjuster showed up and was able to cut them a check for the new system so that they could get it ordered and put in asap.  It would go in on Thursday (May 9th).

Tuesday May 7th - David and our Farmer's son (who had been working on clearing the barn away) both had to return to work leaving me to "guard" all the property that now lay scattered about.  Pressure washers, push mowers...anything that we had been able to pull out from under was now laying out in the open.  "Lookie Lous" were walking right up into our yard just to take a look and had been doing so since Monday afternoon.  You know those signs "protected by Smith and Wesson"?  Let's just say I was ready for trouble if it should come my way....

My phones were ringing off the hook with calls from Contractors and Insurance Adjusters (one for each vehicle - I soon lost count of how many times I explained that, while damaged, the vehicles  were drivable and right now we were simply trying to get our life back together and would deal with the vehicles later.)

At one point I was dealing with three different Contractors on the property doing inspections and giving estimates plus "Lookie Lous" and David texting for updates and.....I was barely hanging onto my sanity.  

Now that we had water, the most important thing to me was to get the trees off the fences and get those repaired....but we still had not heard from the Tree Guy that our Farmer's son had called.  A couple of young lads drove up and gave me their card...luckily I put it where I could find it because on Tuesday evening, I was getting tired of waiting..........

10 days left until the wedding....

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