Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Steel Toed Boots....

     Why I need those boots...hundreds of rusty nails!

I got a pair of steel toed boots about 8 years ago primarily because we spent a lot of time traipsing through the woods in South Carolina looking for old property boundaries and family burial grounds.  

There were times when we had to cut our way through the trees and vines and times when we would see a slithering snake getting out of our way.  Those boots gave me a sense of security that was needed.

I've used them around this old farmhouse land a few times in the past nine years, but most of the time they stayed in the box they came in tucked away in the guest room closet.  

They're sitting in the mud room right now and being used almost every day because in the past two weeks both David and I have stepped on nails as we continue to clean up the debris of our outbuildings in preparation for the rebuilding. Despite our dragging the grounds with magnets and de-nailing most of the lumber and carefully placing those boards that might take a bit more effort or have a hand made nail in them that we want to save, nails got us.  For me, it meant a trip to the Doctor for a tetanus booster and soaking my foot four times each day...that was one rusty old nail that got me.  David's was a "clean" nail that was not too many years in use prior to the tornado; and he's had a booster since we moved here.....

I have a love-hate relationship with those old boots; they are heavy and awkward and there is absolutely no way to walk gracefully in them....but I get a kick out of the farm workers as they drive by and point at them and give me a thumbs up!  I don't think they see too many women weed whacking and carrying wood to the fire pit wearing steel toed boots!  

I hope those heavy awkward boots will soon be put away in the closet again; I plan on getting a good pair of cowboy boots to replace them...that is what most of the folks out here wear to do their chores...I'll be able to do the hard work that this place requires and still walk with a bit of gracefulness!

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