Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Praying for your enemies….

It seems like our extended family has had to deal with it's share of sad, evil spirited people lately.  From the passive aggressive behavior of our neighbor's son to my sister's tenant who admitted his passion for engaging in electronic harassment had taken him too far this time as we observed his eviction from his home, we've had our fill of people who need to get a life and stop messing around with the lives of others.

What is it about these folks?  What is missing in their lives that they seem to find joy in exerting some kind of power over others?  Why is it that in order to get them to back the heck off, it takes bringing in the attorneys?  

I know they lack empathy and compassion.  I know they must be very lonely and sad people.  They walk the very edge of legality in their actions and their words and only those who also understand the law can wrest the power back and send them packing.  

I also know they need to find Faith.  I know that there is a huge hole in their spirit that can only be filled with God.  I know that now I must find a way to pray that they find that in their lives.  We won.  They have both been dealt with…now, we must be gracious in the victory that we have seen.  But boy.  Praying for your enemies in not an easy thing to do…..

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  1. Yes people like that def lack God in their empty lives. This world is full of them and they hate us for having happy God filled hearts. I'm glad you are able to say it's been dealt with.


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