Saturday, January 23, 2016

Through the Storm

One of the ways I stayed sane during the two years of storm recovery was to photo journal it all.  Just after the barn was raised, I posted this to share with my friends and family through FB/youtube.  

Since then, a few more things changed outside...namely Huffy Got Anther Coop to share with her new friend Gracie....

David modeled it after the old barn you saw in the video above; the "Dutch" style door allows the chickens to come and go as they please during the day while keeping four Labs from going in and stealing their food and water supplies..  These photos show it in the building stage; it since has been sealed with trim pieces and we've begun to add half walls (recycling old four foot fence panels) to the pen area for wind and predator protection.  

I love where the new coop stands; just outside of the Gazebo where we can hear the clucking of the hens and where they feel part of the goings on....!  After all,what with sleeping in the house at night for a full year and blending in the dog pack during the day while she was the lone hen on the place, Huffy is more of a pet than anything else by this point.

Come spring, we'll bring in new hens to up our egg production.  Huffy Puffy is an old girl now and with Gracie nearing 5 we'll be lucky to get enough eggs for one of the three folks living here.  Now that we are back to some semblance of a normal life, it is time to rebuild the flock.  

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