Monday, April 28, 2008

Did I say this would be easy?

I think I was dreaming.......or hadn't had enough coffee or something....because I told my mother that Nikki's moving back in wouldn't be that much of a hassle cuz all I needed to do was move D's bed into the game room, make some room on Hunter's shelves for D's things and that would be that! Like I said, I think I was dreaming...or something.

I guess I haven't really been "seeing" Hunter's room lately because when I walked in there on Saturday to begin this no hassle project, I got a bit of a shock. Hunter has a lot of stuff....somehow. I have no idea where it all came from but I do know this; Dillon came by for a day and they played...they must have really played because stuff was both the game room and the bedroom.

I walked back out and down the stairs....and got another cup of coffee and a piece of paper and made a list (I'm good at lists, I have hundreds of them, somewhere.....). After making that list I went outside, got the hose, watered down doggy business, watered the new jasmine that we've planted everywhere, and the orange vine just transplanted and well...I practiced avoidance for a while....and then I got another cup of coffee, grabbed my list and headed for the front porch to think about the task ahead....and then I grabbed the front hose and watered the hybiscus and the hydrangea and practiced avoidance some more....

Meanwhile, Nikki's boyfriend, Gerard the Professional Painter, arrived....and I recieved the news that HE would be painting Nikki's room for me....I received that news with just a tad of joy~....he got himself all set up while I went back to the front porch for some more avoidance.....~

Eventually, I made it up those stairs and into Hunter's bedroom and Hunter and I got down to business.....we opened up his eave...the little room that he used to sit in and play with his legos and his tiny soldiers and nap with Shanna that first few months when he was seven and she was still here.....

And within an hour or two, that eave was mostly empty.....gone were 90% of his tiny soldiers, his first tool kit, his He Man Castle.....about the only thing that got the "keep" command were the thousands of legos he and Dallas have gotten through the years.

As David and I drove the truck into Good Will that evening we looked at each other and said...."geez, that was sad" and "Hunter's childhood is in the back of the truck".....and things like that.

I find this ironic.....I really do....the two who flew the nest are coming back home and the little one who still lives here has packed up his childhood toys with nary a visible touch of nostalgia...that was left up to his dad and I.

Now, to tackle those shelves.......! I'm getting another cup of coffee.....!

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