Saturday, April 26, 2008

No more the master's house

I first wrote about the Masters House in "Salvaging Some Beadboard" - which details the eminent demise of another of the old farmhouses in this area that are just too far gone to be restored....David, Hunter and I spent an afternoon and evening salvaging 100 year old bead board from the kitchen. David followed that by spending the better part of a week getting floorboards and roof beams and anything else that hadn't been termite destroyed or tagged by one of the others also salvaging.

There is something very sad about the sight of one of these old homes being torn down and this particular house was no exception - evidence of its former beauty was everywhere - from the bay windows in the dining room to the entry staircase to what remained of the beautiful flooring...........for me, with my very active imagination and my obsession with genealogy, I hear in my head the laughter of children who were raised there; I see in my minds eye the family gathered for the holidays in the library or around the living room's fireplace; and I see them eat a hearty breakfast in the kitchen before chores and work and school......I always wonder what the man who built the house would think if he were there to see the total destruction of the home in which he sheltered his family and I feel a sadness for his wife, who bore her children in that house, raised them to adulthood and perhaps welcomed grandchildren for milk and cookies .............

The house came down over the course of about 1 week (from the date we salvaged the bead board until the day it was no longer standing) - David went by every evening to see the progress and salvage what he could>.....(to see the slideshow full size, click on the box)

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