Thursday, April 24, 2008

Failure to Launch? Or just a Pause in the Process?

First off, I just put Failure to Launch up there to catch the attention.....this is only a Pause in the Process.....of empty nesting! Yesterday, I learned that our somewhat empty nest will be filled back up this summer. Dallas comes home on May 8th from college and he'll be a bit surprised to realize that his room is now...........his sister's room!

Nikki dropped by yesterday to give me the news....David and I had a suspicion that it might be happening...the same economy that is tightening our belts is making it difficult for Nik to live out there and make her student loan payments, car payments etc....and since her roommates decided to move to a more expensive unit (this would be Nikki's fourth move in just over one year), Nikki made the choice to move back home for a while. While its hard to make the adjustments back to a family of five from what has been a family of three for most of the last three years, this is a decision we approve of....!

So, Sunday, Nik and I will resume painting what was Dallas' room....a change from the just begun to be painted blue walls to a tan color I think....and that blue will go into what is now Hunter's Game room, as will Dallas' bed....Hunter will have to wait another year or so before that Game Room is semi-permanantly that for him.....(and when he goes to college....our master suite! But that's another story!)
Oh, and btw, we're still waiting on Olivia!

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