Thursday, April 24, 2008

Windows And Walls

One of the disappointments in this old farmhouse is that the old windows were replaced by the P.O.'s; it had been part of our farmhouse dream to restore any house we might be blessed to live in AND the windows....of the 26 windows in this house only two are "original" and even those were put in cr. 1950 or so. On the pro-side of this however, is that 24 of the windows are double paned and therefore are somewhat energy efficient (if they had all been properly installed but that is another story for another day!).

Although we're replacing the downstairs bathroom this year we still want it to look as if it belongs to this old house and not a bathroom from a house you might find in our old subdivision......with that in mind, we salvaged the 1910 beadboard from the Masters House....and today, we went to a historic house in our neighboring town and purchased a set of stained glass windows for the bathroom. These large windows are from the civil war era so are a lot older than our old farmhouse, but the simplicity of the details are perfect......we also may have lucked into a vintage screen door for the front of the house.....Our front door is taller than today's doors and we thought we'd have to special order from a vintage retailer and pay about $700.00 for one....! We'll go and measure and check out the pricing on the one we've gotten wind of on Saturday......

A screen door in the front would be a great addition to our home; last evening after dinner, there was a chill to the ever present winds of this open farmland and although I wanted to watch the sun setting through the oak and pecan trees, I chose to sit inside on my couch instead...but I left the front door open to be able to still enjoy the view.....for all of 5 minutes......David suddenly came in from the kitchen saying "gnats.....all over the kitchen".....and promptly shut off my view!

Gnat season has arrived.......and I wasn't ready for it. Wish us luck on that screen door!

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