Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Are you kidding me?

So, the other day Nikki was reading this blog and she said "mom, you need to get a MySpace page" and I said "no way!"....and then on a whim, I did a people search to see how many of my friends had a page...and I was surprised at the number...and then I was surprised to find myself registering and getting my own.....!

At first, it was just a simple page....with a few photos and some blurbs about who I am and my kids and such; then I saw my sister's page and liked what she had done to hers...suddenly I was looking at all this cool stuff that all my friends and my kids and my nieces had and I was like "I gotta be cool too!"......

So, after two days of obsession, I have a really cool MySpace least I think it's cool (and thank you Shelby for saying you have a "cool Aunt"!).....check it has a lot of photos and a song off my brother's "Tribute to The Cure" CD and the videos of Dallas' recital.....!

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