Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I've realized this weekend that daily blogging is more of a commitment than I previously imagined...I've been busy with getting Dallas off to school for the summer (he left on Sunday) and a genealogy book I hope to have published this June but even more important at the moment is preparation for my first attempt at canning. As a result, I haven't had a minute to post anything or even search for an old journal entry to use.....

So, I'm stealing a minute from the canning procedure (not just to write but to re-up my "nerve" quotient...since I've never canned before, I'm just a bit nervous) just to let any reader of this thing know that I've not fallen off the face of the earth or abandoned my commitment to blogging...I'm just a bit busy adjusting to the idea of going back to an old tradition for those who live in Farmhouses..........

A few good thoughts regarding this canning business would not be amiss .........

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