Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kitchen Floors and all that...Part II

See that photo of our old New Fridge? Well, that poor little fridge decided to give up the ghost on us shortly after we bought it; no one is completely certain whether it is a "bad" model (that's what some of the various repairmen who traipsed through my house over the last 6 weeks thought) or whether this fridge itself just was a "lemon". Thankfully, experience has taught David and I that you need that warranty that is offered to you when you buy a house or an appliance especially if you are buying a previously owned house or appliance. And that poor little fridge was taken out the door this morning and replaced by a brand new larger one because we have learned through experience.

Here's a plug for Sears and their warranties...they mean what they say and they don't argue with you to provide what they promised. Last week, the final repairman to visit the house said to me "well, it can't be fixed and you'll get a new one under the "lemon" clause of your warranty". And today, the new one was delivered....and I even got a check for lost food items!

Now, I wasn't 100% happy that I had to get another fridge because I loved that little fit perfectly in the kitchen (in my eyes) because it didn't stick out too far past the cabinetry; it wasn't so wide that you couldn't see the cabinets and counters between it and the dishwasher.... and it had black sides that matched the black of the other appliances.... but if I am honest with myself, I knew that that little thing wasn't really big enough for our family. It looked great....but it wasn't big enough and more importantly it didn't work!

So, off we went to Sears to pick out a new fridge knowing we'd upgrade size and write a small check for the difference ...and although we looked for a different brand (in case the brand/model was the problem and our cute little fridge wasn't just a lemon) I wanted to find one just a bit larger but similar in looks to the one we had. There just wasn't anything similar at Sears.......Since we had to buy from Sears as a clause of the warranty, we finally made a decision.....

It looks okay I guess, but its big and its wide and I can't see the cabinetry between it and the dishwasher (just like with my old old one)...but the eye catching thing to me at the moment is that the sides are grey! Part of what I loved about the other one was the black is slimming don't you know, even in a fridge.

I didn't notice those sides when we picked it out....but David said if I can't get used to the gray a can of black appliance paint will take care of it......I like to case you haven't been able to figure that out yet....

Anyway.....its big enough inside as's already cooling the food inside and my frozen stuff didn't lose a bit of coldness in the switchover...and after a couple of weeks of filling bottles with water, freezing them and then rotating them into and out of the fridge to salvage our foods....I am trying not to sweat the small stuff - like gray sides and the feeling that this fridge is screaming for attention when I walk in the kitchen - but for the moment, I am mourning my cute little fridge with its black sides because it didn't scream "look at me" when I came inside the room....

(P.S. You'll notice I haven't painted the cabinets yet...that's because we're in the middle of plumbing projects getting ready to blow off the bathroom.....more about that later!)

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