Thursday, May 1, 2008

Recitals, Rooms and Re-organizations!

My head is spinning.....In the last two weeks, I've been to South Carolina for three days to see my father after open heart surgery, I've witnessed the birth of Olivia, I've been to Georgia to see Dallas' Senior Vocal Recital and now, I'm making room for Nikki to move back in and for Dallas to come home for the summer (or not~~).....and like I said, my head is spinning.

And the house work and yard work are spinning out of control....we're dog sitting Gerard the Professional Painter's dog Hooka, King the Valiant has moved back in prior to Nikki's actual move in date (he arrived with her "stuff" but she's not yet here for good) and the addition of two extra dogs has the dog hair flying fast and furious.........! And I'm upstairs looking at Hunter's room and making room for Dallas' stuff and I've just closed the door on Nikki's room because I can't look at all the boxes of stuff that have to find a home, or the clothes that need a closet (this is a 100 year old house remember....there are only two closets in the whole house).....

So, at the moment, I'm practicing procrastination.....

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