Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Updating on the Updating~~~

David spent the weekend on the plumbing or more accurately, under the house working on the plumbing. He's re-plumbed the rest of the kitchen (laundry room and sink were done last spring) so for the first time ever, we actually have an ice maker that makes ice....and cold water from the dispenser on the front of the monstrosity that is my new fridge (I'm getting used to it; I love the room inside but those grey sides still get me~). He's replaced all the cheap piping with the good stuff (so says he, I only know that it all works, no leaks, and I've got ice!) The outside shower is running but we've yet to lay the concrete pad to stand on and the trellis enclosure goes up on his next day off.....and he's cut the water to the upstairs bathroom in prep for the reno up there.

Did I ever mention that David hates plumbing? Really, Really Hates Plumbing ~ but since we're not rich and we've taken on this reno-resto chore by ourselves, he's had to overcome his hatred of it and get it dun. And he's done a really good job...I didn't hear anywhere near the foul language coming through the floor vents that I did during the laundry room re-plumb.

We did get some water on the floor after a really loud bang when he first turned the well back on.........he'd forgotten to glue the elbow on the incoming pipe to the fridge and the pressure blew it.....! Sis Amy, new baby Olivia, and sweet niece Ava were all here and we jumped just a little when that bang was first real harm done....the flood of water that rolled across the kitchen floor just cleaned up the muddy footprints left earlier by David when he pushed the fridge back in place! (Positive thinking goes a long, long way in renovating!)

Now, if I can just get used to the sound of ice being thrown out of the maker and into the tray...

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