Sunday, June 8, 2008

Construction Zone...........

The upstairs bathroom is demolished...the only thing left in there is the old bathtub and no, its not a claw foot, cast iron one but it is staying for the time being. We're working around it.

The water was turned off to that room just over a week ago, when David finished the plumbing to the kitchen (new ice maker/water dispenser) and the outside shower. So, we'd had a few days to get used to not using it before the demo began. The sink cabinet came out first....followed by the toilet and as I write this, I hear the sounds of the floor being torn up and carried out.....

We seem to live almost constantly in a construction zone. There's always something in a room that doesn't belong there...i.e. just to my left there is a pile of flooring - Brazilian something or another - that we were given to use in the new downstairs bathroom. Its been here since March and will likely be there until the end of the summer.....I've gotten to where I don't really see it anymore - although I wasn't very happy to return from SC (and Dad's surgery) to see it piled high on my office floor.

As I sit listening to David and Hunter making tons of noise, I find myself remembering a conversation that took place at a Cub Scout Planning Meeting a couple of years ago.....Since we moved down here, most of the folks that we see in our wanderings as Hunter's parents don't know that we've already raised two kids. The assumption is either that we married late or that we had a child later than most. Anyway at this meeting, all the planners were sitting and chatting while we waited for the Scout Master to come into the room. Someone asked David and I about our progress on the house and before we could open our mouths, another parent said "oh, never renovate your house, you'll get a divorce!". David and I just looked at each other and smiled...then we explained to her that we'd been married for 24 years (at that time), had three kids, ran a home repair business for a time and were constantly renovating something and were still going strong, thank you very much.

Anyway, its a good thing that we have a strong relationship since we live in a constant construction zone.......

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