Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer in Florida.....

After a really cool spring, summer heat has finally arrived. How do I know this? Because I've been painting....outside.

Usually, David and I get all the exterior painting of new projects and touch ups done in March and April and May....but not this year. Part of it is that we let the coolness of this particular spring fool us into thinking we had more time before things heated up...part of it just due to the busy-ness we've experienced since March. But over the last two days, I've been painting the fence, gates, and the screen door and its been hot.

How hot has it been? Hot enough that the paint was filming over between loading of the brush or roller; hot enough that the paint was drying so fast on the wood that if I didn't move fast enough it was glopping and glooping all over the place - drips solidified so quickly that I was taking a cloth to them to smooth them out if I didn't catch the drip immediately.

Not a whole lot of fun....add the gnats, the biting black flies and the deer flies and it made for a not so enjoyable task...and I like to paint.

I'm determined to finish up these paint jobs least the first on my next trip to town I'll buy Bounce sheets to tuck in my hat (keeps the gnats away from your face - learned that from the old farmer across the street!) and my pants pockets (helps to keep the black and deer flies at a distance) and I'll be getting up and out the door much earlier in the day. Although any second and third coats of paint will wait for fall and cooler temps.

Happy Summer-time.

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