Thursday, June 19, 2008

I did it again............

So, I did it again...I haven't written here in a couple of days. I really had good intentions; I was going to be a great blogger....I would never ever leave my readers (are there any out there?) to wonder "when IS she going to write something ...geez!".

But, the dog days of summer have arrived (finally) and I've gone into my lazy mode. Hunter and I stay up late watching movies or playing video games after a day of beaching it, go-carting it or whatever! Oh, we get some work done...we've worked on our flower gardens and our vegie garden {finished for the summer :( } and we've helped David with demo and stuff, but there is no set schedule and we love it.

I've written out my list of summer-time goals and checked off a few items, but not too many to consider myself on track with them. Summer to me is a time to relax and flow with things a little bit.

When I was raising Nikki and Dallas, we would join our community pool every summer and spend two hours each day there with friends from church (after morning chores). Our afternoons were spent watching old movies....some of our favorites from those lazy days were "Space Camp", "The Navigator", "Small Soldiers", Disney's "Robin Hood", "Mary Poppins" and "The Sound of Music". We wore those old video tapes out. Some friday nights found us at the local drive in theatre sitting in lawn chairs eating popcorn we made at home or some other fun stuff. Saturdays were spent at the beach with my mother, their Nana; and Sundays, we were at church. Those were some good summers.

Living out here in the country, there isn't a community pool to join and with gas prices the way they are, its too expensive to join and drive into town every day so its just not on. We have to come up with our own entertainment out getting out the BB guns and shooting down the millions of banana spiders that are suddenly everywhere.....!

And David's job, which has him on a rotating schedule where he gets days off during each week (and works every other weekend), means we get to spend days like today off at the beach without the crowds. We packed up our yellow lab Callie, did a few little errands, hit the library for some good summer time reading and then headed on out to swim for a few hours.....and now, well, we're back at home being ...... lazy! So, while the summers I spend with Hunter are different then the ones I spent with Nikki and Dallas, they are in their own way, just as great!

This is one of the reasons I chose to be a stay at home mother (SAHM) meant that my kids got the kind of summers that I was blessed with as a child. Sleeping late, bike riding in the evening, heading out for a special day at the beach (or lakes mostly when I was little) or just lazing around the house watching movies or reading a really good book.

There's time enough for them to grow up and work through their summers; and now there's the fall and spring for organized sports, homework, extra projects.....I love that my kids never went to day care instead of school every summer. I love that if they wanted to sleep in until 10 a.m. and stay up with me until midnight, they could do it.

I love that I sit here typing about those memories and that, every now and then, Nikki or Dallas says to me ...."Mom, lets be lazy and go to the beach today....remember when we used to go to the pool every day? And then, we can watch an old movie." And I still say ...."after our morning chores!"......

I love summer.....but it most likely means I won't be the dedicated blogger I intended on being....!

Happy Summer Everyone.

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  1. Hey, YOU! The outdoor shower looks fantastic! The boys and I are enjoying these carefree summer days too... this week anyway as next week is Scout camp and I'm volunteering. It'll be a long day for all three of us.


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