Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shower anyone?

The outside shower is complete! It's up and painted and has been used by everyone in the house at least once. Last week's sand from a trip to the beach was washed away outside in a nice warm shower. It was lovely not to deal with the sand on the floors and shower bottom inside! Weedwacking dirt likewise is dealt with before we enter the back door of the house!

David and I went shopping yesterday for the upstairs bathroom items; a pedestal sink, new toilet seats, tub doors, lighting etc. We were able to find a few of the items on clearance and had a couple of coupons to use so we came away quite happy with the cost of it all.

We also had a pleasant surprise once David and Hunter had finished pulling up all the flooring....the original hardwood floor is almost 80% intact in that room. We will be able to replace the wood that is rotten or missing with flooring we salvaged from the Master's House. After we hit it with Antique Restore a couple of times and some poly, we'll be able to restore that bathroom closer to it original look.

I'll be posting photos of the bathroom as it progresses, but here it is today.....

See the hardwood? The Previous Owners covered it all up with hardiboard and ceramic tile. This double layering created a large height difference between the landing floor and the bathroom. Stubbed toes were a regular occurence.

This is where the floor was rotten and the P.O.'s put down plywood and then two more layers of flooring. We can salvage this with flooring from the Master's House. We'll be insulating this floor as well.

Antique Restore will bring this floor back to its original beauty. Most of what you are seeing here is dust from the destruction.

I'm getting excited about this bathroom now....I'll continue to post photos as the work progresses!

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