Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mis-titled part 2

Yep, I'm posting again today.....when I really should be working on the bathroom floor (along with laundry, gardening etc....). But, as I read through my last post, something hit me.....so I thought I'd address it immediately...

I originally intended this blog to be just about our farmhouse life and the on-going construction zone we live in.....but after the first frenzy of writing about the path here and the progress to date, it got harder to write about it all the time. I was in touch with the old house blog organization and learned that in order to be considered one of their blogs, this thing had to be 70% about the house.....and that proved to be impossible for me.

As a result, I've slacked off in my own mental commitment to post something everyday ( a commitment I made for any reader who has a coffee routine where blogs are part of the morning reading - I get disappointed when the blogs I read each day have no new post!)...... The problem is that to make this blog 70% about the house makes it too restrictive.

I'm more than this house....my life is more then this house. I am a parent, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and in some cases a friend. I am a genealogist, a video and computer gamer on occasion, a reader, a gardener etc.....I'm not 70% any one thing for any extended amount of time.....do I have a split personality?

Today, I'm a genealogist.....trying to be a floor restorer as my mind is filled with DNA research....upcoming courthouse research.....the ongoing plotting out of a church cemetery where generations of my family are buried.....On Monday when I return from South Carolina, I'll be a tired parent spending time with my son from whom I will have been separated for four days...and on Tuesday I'll head out for a day date with my husband from whom I was also separated for those days. Who knows what I'll be on Wednesday...most likely a farmhouse restorer/renovator again.

I have a good life, a full life, and I cannot restrict my thoughts and therefore this blog to one part of my life......

So, from today onwards, this blog will be about whoever and whatever I am on whatever day I happen to be writing. The observant (and the interested?) among us will see that there is a new label (category) called genealogy....and in a few days or weeks or months, there may be another new category.....who knows. I can't change the title of the blog without changing the address and losing access to the older posts, so although its title will remain the same, its content will be more relevant to all the split parts of my personality.
Update: September 2008 - in order to honor the houseblogs.net condition of 70% DIY blogging, I've created a second blog .....see the upper left corner of the page for the link.....if you haven't already found it......

So, to whoever may read this thing......I'm hoping that this solves the issue of my commitment to blogging and will keep you reading!

Signing off today as...........Lori - the split personality!

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