Thursday, July 3, 2008

Keeping it real!

Pioneer Woman does a thing called "keeping it real" where she shows us readers that although we may think the grass is greener on her side of the fence, it really isn't. And, today I thought I'd join her for a moment in sharing "reality" with any readers who may or may not be out there...and in the end, it won't really matter if anyone reads this or not, because it will make ME feel better.....just to think someone out there may be reading about my angst and my guilt because of that angst!

Soooo, all the kiddo's are at home this week; Dallas and Hunter are both out of school and NOT working, while Nikki isn't yet in school and IS working - all of which simply means that I'm going a bit crazy 'round here.

I love this house, it is my dream house....but I said to David just last night that I didn't think I could have raised the kids in this small place all together, at one time. I mean, I'm fighting for my computer (the wireless router went kaput just in time for D to come home!), my T.V. (which I only turn on in the evenings!), my office chair, my kitchen stove, micro and sink AND I'm drowning in laundry...again!

I love having all the kids home, what mother wouldn't? Right? Well, in theory all of us who are empty nesting get nostalgic and wish our children were back home and dream about them all being here again and when they are, we're in heaven......but the reality is that by the time we raise them and send them out into the world, we are different people then we were while we were raising them.....! We used to be more patient people, less self indulgent people, more understanding of THEIR needs above our OWN needs. And now, in this stage of my life, I'm less of the things I was more of and more of the things I was less of............and it makes it difficult to have them all home for more than a few days at a time.

And so, as I have all three of them home at one time I say "I couldn't have raised the three of them in this small house!" But, David reminded me that I could have...because we would have had a schedule, a plan, a routine that would have helped us to get through each day.....the same routine I used to stick by in order to keep life structured for my ADD kiddo would have worked in this small house too. A routine that I just cannot get my two adult kiddos to stick to anymore......!

I know that David is right, because in reality this house has more square footage than either of our other two just feels smaller because for most of four years we've lived here, David, Hunter and I have had it all to ourselves...and we've got our own routine that works for us when it is just us!

For this week however, we have to be a little more patient, a little less self indulgent and a lot more ready to move over and share that couch!

Signing off - Lori, the nostalgic neurotic

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