Thursday, August 7, 2008

I miss it!

They did it today......they took it all away.....the cover crop that surrounds our little farmhouse each summer for about 8 weeks is gone. I miss it.


Yesterday...........(well, not was a few weeks ago...)

Yesterday I got up to find that the fur-kids had been bad....they had raided the kitchen trash can making a huge mess that required immediate vacuming and mopping. After completing that unexpected chore (and about 16,000 loads of laundry...Dallas is home from college...nuff said!), I headed out to the grocery store driving down our totally secluded driveway and popping out into the world outside my sanctuary.

Two hours later, I'm headed back home and as I drive down our little road, I notice something is different....first of all, I see loads of birds (the white ones we call stupid birds because they fly into your front end if you're not careful, as well as hawks and many others). At first I think that the farmer across the street must have planted his fields.....then it hits me....

I can see my house.....drats. Our eight weeks of enjoying a huge natural privacy fence are over for another year.......

Reflection of the cover crop in Nikki's car window - Photo by Nikki!

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