Monday, August 11, 2008

Life without the Cover Crop

The cover crop did its summer-time job - the top soil is still there and it's being nourished by the crop left to lie for a week or two. Then the farmer will turn it all over and begin to prepare for the potato planting that will take place later in the year.

The first result of the laying down of the cover crop is an increased mosquito population. Until the county gets out here and sprays, we'll have to spray ourselves with repellent each time we venture out of the house. One year it was so bad that we had to stand at the door with newspaper and flyswatters to kill them as they swarmed inside our house. This lasts usually about 3 weeks.

After the farmer turns the crop under, then we deal with winds. I have to keep an eye on the wind direction - if it blows towards the house, then all windows have to be shut or I'll have a fine layer of black dirt on every surface in the house.

I usually really miss the cover crop for a few days, then I begin to get used to its loss. My eyes begin to see the beauty in the unobstructed view from my windows over the fields that surround me. I'm almost there.

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