Monday, August 4, 2008

Spider Season

This weekend's projects include the completion (hopefully) of screening and mulching the new fence garden......its a long job for several reasons...mainly because that part of the fence borders the irrigation ditch and its weeds. Those weeds would normally be weed wacked down each week during the summers, but our daily thunderstorms have filled the ditches with water and we can't get near them with our electric weed wacker.....and our gas powered one is out of commission for some reason.

But worse then the weeds that I'm pulling out by hand are the banana spiders that have taken up their seasonal residence in the rose bushes, elephant ears, and every other plant out there. These spiders add several steps to the procedure....

1) With a can of "green" bug spray in hand, you must first hunt down the spiders, spray them and then wait for them to die. (If you don't wait, you'll find them in a minute and they won't be happy!)

2) Get a long stick and go through all the bushes and other plantings and remove all traces of webbing...which are even thicker now that you've sprayed the spider because as he/she dies, their webbing mechanism will shoot out thick streams of it. 2b) every now and then, run out of the garden wiping those nasty webs off of you and in a controlled voice, ask your kids or your husband to check you for dying spiders.

3) Carefully proceed to weed the garden, watching every step and every reach of your hand because those spiders take a long time to die........then, finally, you can lay the screening and take the final step of laying the mulch (we're using pine straw this year due to recently learning that the cypress mulch you buy from the Depot or Lowes contains red dye!)

4) Take a step back and enjoy the look of the garden.....and watch as the next group of banana spiders immediately begin to move into it..............

Life in the country..............

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  1. I hate from spiders a lot, If I ever knew, that there is a spider I never go there. I can't tolerate them in my garden as well. But apart from this they are ...I use lots of pest control techniques for them but I am success in them a little not as much as I need.


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