Thursday, August 7, 2008

Testing, Testing, Testing

I'm used to saying that in a mic during sound checks.....and although I'm not singing, I am trying to test something out.

On July 18th, I entered a contest on and in order to do so, I had to add some tags on my profile over there.....I must have done something to the feed information because since that date, not one of my posts have been picked up by housebloggers.

Today, I went over there and looked again to try to figure out just what had happened.....and found that perhaps, just perhaps, the fact that I had inadvertantly "unchecked" the "permission to use" box on my profile, my blog was being ignored by the feeder. So, I re-checked that box and then came over here to say Testing, Testing, Testing.

And for the curious among you....nope, I wasn't one of the randomly chosen winners of a $300 AmEx card to use at Truevalue.....dang it. Didn't win AND got booted out of the feed rotation.....not a good thing.

Have a great day...................

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