Thursday, September 4, 2008

Country Home~~~

I've been going through magazines like crazy lately. The kids are back in school and now is the time of year when I get back to decorating...which includes not only pulling out the fall decorations but finishing up and/or beginning the many painting projects that I have lined up. (I usually don't paint rooms when the house is full of folks - its too disrupting to all of us!).

I've already been through my collection of Country Living, Country Home, Traditional Living and Cottage Living mags; I've cut out idea photos and gotten them all organized, but today...while shopping at the Depot for some roofing materials, I picked up the new issue of Country Home to browse while David shopped.

About 3/4's of the way through, I stopped flipping pages. I walked over to David and showed him the photographs that had so caught my attention....."there, this is what I've been trying to achieve. It will work because...look....and look....~". He disguised his dis-interest rather well I must say. After all, he was concentrating on what he needed to fix up the new roof leak that we discovered in one of the rain bands from Gustav that came through last week. But, he's been married to me long enough to know enough to just nod and say "I like it!". And then grimace just a bit as I added the magazine I was just going to browse through to our cart!

After returning home, Nikki and I spent a pleasant hour with the magazine and our cups of coffee..and then I surfed on over to the Country Home Site to see if I could link to a photo or two, just so you could see the colors that so caught my attention, but there is no link to that particular story and no photos that I could find.....I guess ya'll just have to pick up a copy in your own local Depot....~

"92 LIVING COLOR The improvisational decorating style of Monique Shay results in a color-filled home, thanks in large part to her collection of vividly painted French-Canadian farmhouse furniture. "

I've so wanted to play with colors in this house but the most I've been brave enough to attempt is the blue of Hunter's room; I've gone back to my trusty Benjamin Moore's various shades of yellow in every other room. Hunter's blue was a great success and bolstered my courage a bit but I still was afraid to just fly with my "vision" of what the rooms in this house could take.

This particular article has shown me that I can take some risk with color....according to the designer, the various shades of blue and green, yellow and red that she used throughout the different rooms (on the trim and on pieces of primitive French Canadian furniture) work because she stuck to shades of "vanilla" for the walls of each room. Which was a bit of a surprise to me because, due to the impact of the colors that filled each room with interest, I never even noticed that the walls were all such a neutral.

All the trim in this old farmhouse of ours is painted with Benjamin Moore's White Drift and we have no plans to strip away the 100 years of paint as we have no way of knowing what is original and what had been replaced by our PO's. With the menagerie of animals and people that live in this place, keeping them clean is a constant battle....I have long entertained the idea of going with darker colors that won't show so much of the living that goes on in this home. This article has shown me that painting with those colors throughout the house can work.......with my basic yellow walls (Benjamin Moore's Montgomery White, Philladelphia Cream, and Waterbury Cream from their Historical Collection).
And the primitive pieces we have (some painted, some just refreshed with Antique Restore) will also work in this style of decorating and adding interest with color. The designer layered on even more color with throw rugs, pillows and blankets throughout the house....another thing I love and have already attempted to do.

As I said, now that the kids are back in school and quiet time can be found in this old farmhouse for at least 5 hours each day, I'll resume my interior painting projects. Hunter's game room is next on the list...with the landing and bathroom and Master Bedroom to follow.....and then the downstairs....with the kitchen cabinets finally going from 90's stain to a more appropriate antiqued green.....

I am energized.....wish me luck on breaking free from the habit of "yellow". I'll post photos as I go!

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