Friday, September 5, 2008

Thanks Hannah!

Despite the fact that our weathermen and women continually stated that Hannah would affect the coastal/beaches area with wind and rough seas and very little rain, here we sit watching the sometimes mist, sometimes gentle rain come down around us.

Tin Roofs and water don't least not when you are trying to repair a leak that made itself known in the rain bands of last weeks Gustav....! During one of those bands, as I cooked dinner, the wind came up, the hail came down and the rain came in....right through the soffit over my sink. And down behind the tile backsplash. The leak required three pots to catch the drip.

That's the kitchen window just behind the trellis. The leak is in the portion of the roof just above it where it joins to the raised roof line...this area holds an eave. Our PO's roofer was an excellent plumber. Photograph by John Binkley January 2008 (the door is back where it should be - a storm had blown it off the day before John came down to photograph us and the place)

So. On David's days off this week, the plan was to fix the leak. We know right where it is. Yesterday we made the trip to the Depot for the required materials. And then he improvised on what he called a "sled" to make his venture to the slippery slope of the offending portion of our roof as safe as possible. Yesterday was filled with preparations to complete the repair today.

And then, this morning, bright and early...up he went.

And then down he came.

Cuz Hannah changed our plans. The pots are now ready. There is now a bucket in the eave. And the roof will now have to wait until Tuesday...David's next day off. Just in time for Ike.

Oh well.....this is life during Hurricane Season in Florida....but at least we get ample time to heed warnings of these storms...unlike tornados and earth quakes. You gotta count your blessings...even when you want to spend a little time screaming.

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