Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Making Progress.......

We're on the final push to complete the bathroom project. Our septic issue turned out to be an electrical issue and one that David was easily able to fix. This means that the plumbing can be completed (tied in to the downstairs bathroom and vented etc.) which also means that we can begin to load in the sink and toilet.......after a few more items are crossed off....like painting and floor finishing..............just a little photo walk down memory lane...............

Realizing that enough of the original floor remained to salvage it.

Beginning the process of using the salvaged bead board

The result of four days of hard prep work - the window will be trimmed in sometime this week
...the trim to be used was also part of our salvaging the Masters House.

The above photo was after four full days of stripping, mudding, sanding, caulking and priming the walls to prepare for the final painting........which will hopefully take place tomorrow. Then we will finish the floor which has been sanded in preparation. Then, its a seven day wait in order to allow the floor to cure completely....and then, the convenience will be, well, convenient once again!

The landing has been re-loaded despite the fact that there remains some touching up to do.....it took two full days to get it to the point it is, but some additional caulking and then touch ups with my brand new cutting in paint brush will finish it off (my cutting in brush went MIA in all the work that's gone on lately and I gave up trying to do a good job with the one I had.......I'll finish up as I work on the bathroom ).

The landing looks plain in this photograph, but seen in its entirety - with all the painted trim - it looks appropriately filled....the chair is another of my $5.00 finds - next on the to do list is convince my Mom to make me a slip-cover! And the window will also be trimmed in some of the salvaged trim from the Master's house.....

It's difficult to get a good shot of the landing due to its small size.....one of these days, I may be lucky enough to own a really good camera with a wide lens........

Please ignore the dirty grill.....with all the construction work going on,
it is continually in need of a good cleaning at the moment......

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