Thursday, September 11, 2008

No more leak!

Our Welcome Mobile after Fay....we just discovered it was broken...
I think I like it this way just as much - photo by Nikki!

David spent the better part of the last two days on the roof getting that leak repaired and while up there, he did the attic venting for the plumbing....we're a whole lot closer to getting that upstairs bathroom done AND we're ready for the next major thunderstorm to boot...that is a good feeling!

The sled thingie....last time we used scaffolding since it was a much more involved and dangerous job....this time, ingenuity did the trick...a lot less expensive!

Venting through the attic!

This is what we got when the job was completed...a silly but happy man!

The bead board is up on one complete wall waiting to be scraped and sanded....and the belt sander is up there waiting to be used on the old flooring.....

We started sanding the floor with a regular sander but it just wasn't cutting the mustard...or the 100 years of dirt and varnish we switched the the belt sander to complete the sanding...then discovered we needed a new belt......another delay!

I'm still working on Hunter's game room....what a job. Because the landing is full of tools and bathroom things (pedestal sink, mirror, sconces, etc), there is nowhere to move the furniture to except the middle of the I'm working on a wall at a time. The most time consuming wall of his room is complete...the trim and the doors are completed as well as the wall. I've also been doing some touching up in the bedroom (remember, I ran out of the ceiling color while doing that room and am finishing it up this time around).

I'm a bit concerned about the wall color - we cut the formula 50% (of the color in the bedroom) but the shade difference is not quite what I thought it would be....this may be a temporary color if it closes the room in too much. It works in the bedroom because of the architecture of the ceiling, but the game room's ceiling is a lot lower (I don't even need a ladder or stool to cut in and I'm 5'6). I'm hoping the accents of white make it work because I really don't want to have to buy another can of paint or do the work again. Because its a boy's room, it may just work out.

Well, enough delay....time to get painting!

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  1. What a nut that Dave is!!!! Great progress guys! It seems to be coming right along!


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