Monday, September 15, 2008

I should be painting~~

but instead I've been reading houseblogs for the last couple of hours! So, why am I reading instead of painting? Besides procrastination?

Blogger added a new feature that I am absolutely thrilled about...."Blogs I'm Following"~!

Since I first discovered houseblogs, there have been a few that I've wanted to read on a regular basis - usually because its a farmhouse blog, or a gardening blog or maybe there's something else about the blogger that I just simply relate to. But, recently, so many new blogs have been added and too many times I've gotten an "error" page instead of the journaling I am looking for, that I've slacked off on my keeping up.....

This new feature at blogger allowed me to add the blogs I like to read regularly to my, instead of going to houseblogs to read I'll just use my dashboard (I know I could use a reader but I don't like the look of the blogs in it!).

And that's what I've been doing instead of painting.

And David? Well, after working on the bathroom yesterday, he awoke with a stiff neck and spent most of the day recovering. And, just a few minutes ago, after he finally felt as if he could get something done and ventured outside to get it going....he stormed back into the house mad as a hornet (and followed by one btw!)......he'd accidentally knocked over the upstairs bathroom toilet and smashed it to smithereens!

You see, we decided to save some money (and keep from adding to the rubbish fills) by just giving that old toilet a good scrubbing to see if it could be salvaged from years of untreated water during the P.O's residence here - that's why it was outside instead of upstairs in the landing with all the other bathroom things.....and after about 10 hours of work over the past few weeks, it came beautifully clean.....only to be, as I said, smashed to smithereens.......

It's certainly not the first thing broken in our ongoing construction adventure and nor will it be the last....but poor David doesn't want to hear that just now....!

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