Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The World is filled with Wonderful Things.......

and one of them is finally getting the paint color just right! I did it! With a little help from Nikki and her friend Gerard the Professional Painter and his co-pro Mike.

Yesterday afternoon, the young men met Nikki and I at the paint center (to get me their discount~~) and jumped right in to help me match the color in on page 92 in Country Home Magazine.....in fact, they jumped in so far that I jumped out and sat down and looked at magazines for a minute!

Now, don't get me wrong...as a former contractor, David could have matched that color just as well as Gerard and Mike...IF we had remembered to take page 92 in the Country Home Magazine with us when we went to the paint store last Friday - instead of relying on our {fading} collective memory.....after all, he's not only matched colors for clients, but he's spent 26 years matching colors for me (among various other chores and projects~~). (And let's not talk anymore about last Friday - it was a pretty pitiful day when all is said and done!)

After arriving back home, Nikki and I raced for the paint brushes and then up the stairs to try out the color.....what a wonderful thing it was to see that we'd (with a little help) done it right!

Photos to come!

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